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Card no.RarityTypeSidianMax AkMax HpSkill %Skill (lv.3)
1★★★★★Chris iconChris 24,527 15,484 35%Additional 300% of Sidian ATK damage. Bonus damage proportionate to the number of friends.
2★★★★★Khara iconKhara 26,455 15,235 35%Sidian gains 300% additional ATK with more turns in the battle.
3★★★★★Ayanes iconAyanes 20,453 15,747 26% Recover 350% of the servant's HP.
4★★★★Eri iconEri 11,475 14,025 - Recover 140% of the Sidian's HP.
5★★★★★NormalEspinaN/AN/A - -
6★★★★★Veronica iconVeronica 21,349 18,560 28% Additional 467% of Sidian ATK damage.
7★★★Chaerin iconChaerin 7,126 9,184 5% Additional 140% of Sidian ATK damage.
8★★★Roben iconRoben 9,450 8,550 5% Additional 140% of Sidian ATK damage.
9★★★Sebastian iconSebastian 7,638 8,442 10% 10% less damage from Neutral attribute enemy for 3 turns.
10★★★★★Moriarty iconMoriarty 20,853 16,247 55% 80% less damage from Ice attribute enemy for 4 turns.
11★★★★★Medicia iconMedicia 19,441 17,159 37% Sidian gains 260% additional ATK.
12★★★★Machiavelli iconMachiavelli 12,053 13,867 45% Sidian gains 200% additional ATK.
13★★★★Da Vinci iconDa Vinci 13,674 12,126 32%Recovers 240% of Sidian’s HP.
14★★★★★Michelangelo iconMichelangelo 24,856 15,112 50% Additional 400% of Sidian ATK damage on the first turn
15★★★Durantie iconDurantie 8,501 9,979 10% 10% less damage from Holy attribute enemy for 3 turns.
16★★★Don Quixote iconDon Quixote 11,040 7,360 - Sidian gains 140% ATK on the first turn.
17★★★★Sancho iconSancho 14,638 11,042 - Recover 140% of the servant's HP.
18★★★★Johannes iconJohannes 9,480 16,520 30% Recover 200% of the Sidian’s HP.
19★★★Nicolini iconNicolini 8,136 9,944 - Additional damage of 280% of AK of the servant.
20★★★★Shakespeare iconShakespeare 13,803 11,997 34% Recover 120% of the Sidian's HP and additional recovery based on the number of Sidians you own.
21★★★★★Elizabeth iconElizabeth 22,419 14,181 41% Reduce 30% of damage from the Electric type enemy for 5 turns.
22★★★★Bloody iconBloody 15,218 10,582 26% Sidian gains 280% additional ATK.
23★★★★Shi Huang iconShi Huang 14,973 11,247 38% Sidian gains 340% additional ATK if the enemy is Frozen type.
24★★★★★Diaochan iconDiaochan 16,123 21,177 37% Recover 240% of the Sidian's HP.
25★★★Goemon iconGoemon 10,434 8,366 - Recover 140% of the servant's HP.
26★★★★Soseono iconSoseono 16,595 12,265 17% Sidian gains 400% additional ATK.
27★★★★Himiko iconHimiko 11,564 14,716 34% Recover 190% of the Sidian's HP.
28★★★Chu-ke Liang iconChu-ke Liang 7,902 11,138 - Recover 140% of the Sidian's HP.
29★★★★Gyeback iconGyeback 15,820 9,740 43% Gain more ATK as Sidian’s HP decreases.
30★★★Nobunaga iconNobunaga 9,954 9,006 - Reduce 10% of the damage from the Normal type enemy for 3 turns.
31★★★★Akechi iconAkechi 11,330 14,850 42% Reduce 40% of damage from Frozen type enemies for 5 turns.
32★★★★Misil iconMisil 11,931 14,289 26% Recover 240% of the Sidian's HP.
33★★★Bidam iconBidam 10,334 8,626 - Sidian gains 140% additional ATK with more turns in battle.
34★★★Cleopatra iconCleopatra 9,196 10,164 - Recover 140% of the Sidian's HP if the enemy is the Electric-Type.
35★★★Antonius iconAntonius 11,183 8,097 - Sidian gains 140% additional ATK depending on how many Sidians you own.
36★★★★Helena iconHelena 11,232 14,868 36% Recover 180% of the Sidian's HP.
37★★★Socrates iconSocrates 8,832 10,368 - Reduce 10% of the damage from the Flame type enemy for 3 turns.
38★★★Ulixia iconUlixia 11,136 8,064 - Additional damage of 140% of ATK of the Sidian.
39★★★★Xerxes iconXerxes 15,809 10,011 43% Sidian gains 280% additional ATK if the enemy is Electric type.
40★★★★★Aristotle iconAristotle 16,863 19,837 25% Recover 250% of the Sidian's HP.
41★★★★Hermes iconHermes 11,118 5,042 28% Recover 220% of the Sidian's HP.
42★★★★★Athena iconAthena 24,512 13,788 16.67% Sidian gains 200% additional ATK.
43★★★★Achilles iconAchilles 15,018 11,562 45% Reduce 50% of damage from Darkness type enemy for 4 turns.
44★★★Scrooge iconScrooge 8,069 11,611 - Recover 140% of the servant's HP if the enemy is the Holy type.
45★★★★★Bismarck iconBismarck 22,597 15,703 - Sidian gains 200% additional ATK.
46★★★Bonapi iconBonapi 10,745 8,615 - Sidian gains 140% additional ATK.
47★★★★Nightingale iconNightingale 10,972 15,788 - Recover 220% of the Sidian's HP.
48★★★Icorni iconIcorni 8,360 11,080 - Recover 140% of the Sidian's HP.
49★★★★Javert iconJavert 15,218 10,582 - Sidian gains 290% additional ATK if the enemy is Holy type.
50★★★Victoria iconVictoria 8,262 11,178 - Recovers 140% of the Servant's HP.
51★★★★★Grace iconGrace 17,922 18,278 - Recover 325% of the Sidian's HP.
52★★★★★Newton iconNewton 21,176 13,533 - Sidian gains 140% additional ATK.
53★★★★Amadeus iconAmadeus 11,467 14,193 - Recover 200% of the Sidian's HP.
54★★★Marie iconMarie 8,519 10,841 - Sidian gains 140% additional ATK.
55★★★Sherlock iconSherlock 11,229 8,131 - Sidian gains 140% additional ATK.
56★★★★Houdini iconHoudini 12,193 14,027 - Reduce 40% of damage from Holiness-type enemy for 4 turns.
57★★★★Lestat iconLestat 15,030 11,130 - Sidian gains 280% additional ATK.
58★★★Granada iconGranada 11,021 8,659 - The less servants you have, the more additional damage of 190% of AK of the servant.
59★★★Union iconUnion 12,989 6,691 - The more servants you have, the more additional damage of 100% of AK of the servant.
60★★★Bonito iconBonito
61★★★Spadia iconSpadia
62★★★★Ignis iconIgnis
63★★★★Capris iconCapris
64★★★Electra iconElectra
65★★★★★Rete iconRete
66★★★Sirius iconSirius
67★★★Catwood iconCatwood
68★★★★★Francesca iconFrancesca
69★★★★★Raffaello iconRaffaello
70★★★★Francia iconFrancia
71★★★Salieri iconSalieri
72★★★Cosette iconCosette
73★★★★Christie iconChristie
74★★★★Charlotte iconCharlotte
75★★★★★Yukata Valkyrie iconYukata Valkyrie
76★★★★Summer Ramesses iconSummer Ramesses
77★★★★★Sun Shangxiang iconSun Shangxiang
78★★★Hera iconHera
79★★★★Venus iconVenus
80★★★★Diana iconDiana
81★★★★Ares iconAres
82★★★Penelope iconPenelope
83★★★★Valkyrie iconValkyrie
84★★★★Metis iconMetis
85★★★★Selene iconSelene
86★★★Eos iconEos
87★★★Thor iconThor
88★★★★Flora iconFlora
89★★★Tiamat iconTiamat
90★★★★Fenrir iconFenrir
91★★★★★Oyuki iconOyuki
92★★★★Jormungand iconJormungandr
93★★★★★Sekhmet iconSekhmet
94★★★Parvati iconParvati
95★★★★Dalji iconDalji
96★★★Sanzang iconSanzang
97★★★★★Charlemagne iconCharlemagne
98★★★★Hildegard iconHildegard
99★★★Saladin iconSaladin
100★★★★★Aida iconAida
101★★★★Schliemann iconSchliemann
102★★★EmmaGoldman iconEmma Goldman
103★★★Brutus iconBrutus
104★★★Ramesses iconRamesses
105★★★★Maximilian iconMaximilian
106★★★★★Darius iconDarius
107★★★★★Turing iconTuring
108★★★★Bluetooth iconBluetooth
109★★★★Nostradamus iconNostradamus
110★★★★Margaretha iconMargaretha
111★★★★★Madison iconMadison
112★★★Fabre iconFabre
113★★★Calvin iconCalvin
114★★★Franklin iconFranklin
115★★★William iconWilliam
116★★★★Basileios iconBasileios
117★★★★Nero iconNero
119★★★★Washington iconWashington
120★★★★★Hamilton iconHamilton
121★★★★Aaron iconAaron
122★★★★Jefferson iconJefferson
124★★★★★Morgan iconMorgan
125★★★Ponzi iconPonzi
126★★★★Lincoln iconLincoln
127★★★★Grant iconGrant
128★★★★Lee iconLee
129★★★★★Cooke iconCooke
130★★★Dvorak iconDvorak
131★★★★DarknessLee Seon
132★★★★Hwangjini iconHwangjini
133★★★★★Queen Cheonchoo iconQueen Cheonchoo
134★★★Cai Lun iconCai Lun
135★★★★Sima Qian iconSima Qian
136★★★★Mencius iconMencius
137★★★★Confucius iconConfucius
138★★★Smith iconSmith
139★★★Watt iconWatt
140★★★★Jeanne iconJeanne
141★★★Marco iconMarco
142★★★★Hanibal iconHanibal
143★★★★Zheng He iconZheng He
144★★★★Vasco iconVasco
145★★★★Tesla iconTesla
146★★★★Pasteur iconPasteur
147★★★★Wu Zetian iconWu Zetian
148★★★★Hippocrates iconHippocrates
149★★★★Kant iconKant
151Eggmon iconEggmon
152Black Eggmon iconBlack Eggmon
153Eggmon 3X iconEggmon 3X
154Blue Eggmon iconBlue Eggmon
155Pure Eggmon iconPure Eggmon
156Flower Eggmon iconFlower Eggmon
157Colorful Eggmon iconColorful Eggmon
158Scary Eggmon iconScary Eggmon
159★★Yellow Jelly iconYellow Jelly
160★★Blue Jelly iconBlue Jelly
161★★Red Jelly iconRed Jelly
162★★Black Jelly iconBlack Jelly
163Green Carbuncle iconGreen Carbuncle
164Blue Carbuncle iconBlue Carbuncle
165Red Carbuncle iconRed Carbuncle
166Black Carbuncle iconBlack Carbuncle
167★★Green Pururu iconGreen Pururu
168★★Blue Pururu iconBlue Pururu
169★★Red Pururu iconRed Pururu
170★★Black Pururu iconBlack Pururu
171Iron Knight iconIron Knight
172Red Knight iconRed Knight
173Fallen Angel iconFallen Angel
174★★Great Fallen Angel iconGreat Fallen Angel
175★★Golem Soldier iconGolem Soldier
176★★Golem General iconGolem General
177★★Vampire Girl iconVampire Girl
178★★Red Vampire Girl iconRed Vampire Girl
179Fox iconFox
180Golden Fox iconGolden Fox
181★★Shinobi iconShinobi
182★★Red Shinobi iconRed Shinobi
185Mummy iconMummy
186Red Mummy iconRed Mummy
187★★Black Mummy iconBlack Mummy
188Werewolf iconWerewolf
189★★Red WerewolfRed Werewolf
190★★Black Werewolf iconBlack Werewolf
191Statue iconStatue
192Red Statue iconRed Statue
193★★Black Statue iconBlack Statue
194Medusa iconMedusa
195★★Red MedusaRed Medusa
196Teddy iconTeddy
197★★Red Teddy iconRed Teddy
198★★Mermaid iconMermaid
199★★Purple Mermaid iconPurple Mermaid
200Red Gremlin iconRed Gremlin
201★★Blue Gremlin iconBlue Gremlin
202Red Minotaur iconRed Minotaur
203★★Blue Minotaur iconBlue Minotaur
204★★Guard Blue iconGuard Blue
205★★Guard Rebecca iconGuard Rebecca
206Molpos iconMolpos
207★★Gunslinger iconGunslinger
208★★Deadspace iconDeadspace
209Tulouran iconTulouran
210★★Tanator iconTanator
211★★Kelsey iconKelsey
212Kunoichi iconKunoichi
213Red Kunoichi iconRed Kunoichi
214★★Exp Joker S iconEXP Joker (S)
215★★★EXP Joker M iconEXP Joker (M)
216★★★★EXP Joker L iconEXP Joker (L)
217★★★★Halfway Joker iconHalfway Joker
218★★★★Cool Joker iconCool Joker
219★★★★Hot Joker iconHot Joker
220★★★★Racy Joker iconRacy Joker
221★★★★Wily Joker iconWily Joker
222★★★★Pure Joker iconPure Joker
223★★★★Selene Valentine iconSelene (Valentine)
224★★★Gold Eggmon iconGold Eggmon
225★★★★★Santa Eri iconSanta Eri
227★★★★Lupin iconLupin
229★★★★Watson iconWatson
230★★★★★Irene iconIrene
231★★★★Chang Bogo iconChang Bogo
232★★★★Hadesia iconHadesia
233★★★★Loki iconLoki
234★★★★Han Xin iconHan Xin
235★★★★Yu Ji iconYu Ji
236★★★★Lu Zhi iconLu Zhi
237★★★★Liu Bang iconLiu Bang
238★★★★Schumann iconSchumann
239★★★★Ivan iconIvan
240★★★★Cicero iconCicero
241★★★★★Voltaire iconVoltaire
242★★★★Akbar iconAkbar
243★★★★Erasmus iconErasmus
244★★★★Friedrina iconFriedrina
245★★★★Constantine iconConstantine
246★★★★Perikles iconPerikles
247★★★★Magalhaes iconMagalhaes
248★★★★★Pierre iconPierre
249★★★★★Richard iconRichard
250★★★★★Pyotr iconPyotr
251Daniel iconDaniel
252★★James iconJames
253★★Kane iconKane
254Stanley iconStanley
255★★Gray iconGray
256★★Wilkes iconWilkes
257★★Red Lottomon iconRed Lottomon
258★★Purple Lottomon iconPurple Lottomon
259★★Blue Lottomon iconBlue Lottomon
260Green Lottomon iconGreen Lottomon
261Pink Lottomon iconPink Lottomon
262★★★★★Christie New Year iconChristie (New Year)
263★★★★Caesar iconCaesar
264★★★★Endymion iconEndymion
265★★★★Beatrice iconBeatrice
266★★★★Colombus iconColombus
267★★★★★Cromwell iconCromwell
268★★★★Faust iconFaust
269★★★★★Mephisto iconMephisto
270★★★★Apollena iconApollena
272★★★★Perceus iconPerceus
273★★★★Zeus iconZeus
274★★★★★Odina iconOdina
275★★★★★Felipe iconFelipe
276★★★★Poirot iconPoirot
277★★★★Augustus iconAugustus
278★★★★Sun Tzu iconSun Tzu
279★★★★Luis XIV iconLuis XIV
280★★★★★Genghis Khan iconGenghis Khan
281★★★★★Cixi Taihou iconCixi Taihou
282★★★★Charles I iconCharles I
283★★★★★Yang Guifei iconYang Guifei
284★★★★King Arthur iconKing Arthur
285★★★★Freud iconFreud
286★★★★Maxwell iconMaxwell
287★★★★★Halley iconHalley
288★★★★Bach iconBach
289★★★★Edgar iconEdgar
290★★★★Isadora iconIsadora
291★★★★★Nietzsche iconNietzsche
292★★★★Herschel iconHerschel
293★★★★Alexandra iconAlexandra
294★★★★Xiao Qiao iconXiao Qiao
295★★★★Da Qiao iconDa Qiao
296★★★Balloon Yoyo iconBalloon Yoyo
297★★★★Ungnyo iconUngnyo
299★★★★★Fusion Lesser JJ iconFusion Lesser J.J
300★★★★Fusion Lesser Blin iconFusion Lesser Blin
301★★★Fusion Lesser Danny iconFusion Lesser Danny
302★★★★Von Braun iconVon Braun
303★★★★★Ms Smily iconMs. Smily
304★★★★Stalin iconStalin
305★★★★★Armstrong iconArmstrong
306★★★★Kennedy iconKennedy
307★★★★Quetzalcoatl iconQuetzalcoatl
308★★★★Montezuma iconMontezuma
309★★★★★Cortes iconCortes
310★★★★Pocahotas iconPocahontas
311★★★★Captain Morgan iconCaptain Morgan
312★★★★★De Moley iconDe Moley
314★★★★★Vlad III iconVlad III
315★★★★★Lasti iconLasti
316★★★Blondie iconBlondie
318★★★★★Kaguya iconKaguya
319★★★★Weaver Girl iconWeaver Girl
321★★★FlameNine-Tailed Fox
322★★★★★Moon Selene iconMoon Selene
323★★★★Moon Fenrir iconMoon Fenrir
324★★★★★Halloween Christie iconHalloween Christie
325★★★★Halloween Sherlock iconHalloween Sherlock
326★★★Halloween Little Bat iconHalloween Little Bat
327★★★★Halloween Bat iconHalloween Bat
328★★★★★Halloween Big Bat iconHalloween Big Bat
329★★★★★Thanksgiving Columbus iconThanksgiving Columbus
330★★★★THanksgiving ApollenaThanksgiving Apollena
331★★★★★Christmas Oyuki iconChristmas Oyuki
332★★★★★Christmas Moriarty IconSanta Moriarty
333★★★★Rudolph Jelly iconRudolph Jelly
334★★★★School Nicolini iconSchool Nicolini
335★★★★School Selene iconSchool Selene
336★★★★School Valkyrie iconSchool Valkyrie
337★★★★★Summer Valkyrie iconSummer Valkyrie
338★★★★School Fenrir iconSchool Fenrir
339★★★★Blue Beard iconBlue Beard
340★★★★★Summer Fenrir iconSummer Fenrir
341★★★★★Summer Selene iconSummer Selene
343★★★★★Summer Medicia iconSummer Medicia
344★★★★School Elizabeth iconSchool Elizabeth
346★★★★School Chu-ke Liang iconSchool Chu-ke Liang
347Kerot iconKerot
348★★Tirot iconTirot
349★★★★★Paracelsus iconParacelsus
350★★★★School Oyuki iconSchool Oyuki
351★★★★School Christie iconSchool Christie
352★★★★School Jormungand iconSchool Jormungandr
353★★★★Summer Lupin iconSummer Lupin
354★★★★Summer Oyuki iconSummer Oyuki
355★★★★Summer Christie iconSummer Christie
356★★★★Summer Jormungand iconSummer Jormungandr
357★★★★School Pocahontas iconSchool Pocahontas
358★★★★★Summer Rete iconSummer Rete
359★★★★★Summer Da Vinci iconSummer Da Vinci
360★★★★★School MoriartySchool Moriarty
362★★★★Harriet iconHarriet
363★★★★Evita iconEvita
364★★★★Garuda iconGaruda
365★★★★Bacon IconBacon
366★★★★★Dorian iconDorian
367★★★★Exie iconExie
368★★★★Calie iconCalie
369★★★★Chauser iconChauser
370★★Beach Ball iconBeach Ball
371★★★★Harvest Fenrir iconHarvest Fenrir
372★★★★★Harvest Mephisto iconHarvest Mephisto
373★★Fenrir's Rice Cake iconFenrir's Rice Cake
374★★★★★Halloween Chaerin iconHalloween Chaerin
375★★★★★Halloween Lupin IconHalloween Lupin
376★★★★★Halloween Halley iconHalloween Halley
377★★Halloween Turing iconHalloween Turing
378★★★★Cernunnos iconCernunnos
379★★★★Clare iconClare
380Saint Eggmon iconSaint Eggmon
381★★Arooru iconArooru
382★★Aroosi iconAroosi
383★★Arood iconArood
384★★Aroo iconAroo
385★★Halfway Gonny iconHalfway Gonny
386★★Cool Gonny iconCool Gonny
387★★Hot Gonny iconHot Gonny
388★★Racy Gonny iconRacy Gonny
389★★64pxWily Gonny
390★★Pure Gonny iconPure Gonny
391★★★★★Mokosh iconMokosh
392★★★★★Pascal iconPascal
393★★★★★Persephone iconPersephone
394★★★★★Miesiac iconMiesiac
395★★★★★Inari IconInari
397★★★★Suriyothai IconSuriyothai
398★★★★Manat IconManat
399★★★★★Christmas Lasti iconChristmas Lasti
400★★★★★Rusalka iconRusalka
401★★★★★Christmas Morgan iconChristmas Morgan
402★★★★★Christmas Houdini iconChristmas Houdini
403★★★★★Christmas Cooke iconChristmas Cooke
404★★★★★Christmas CosetteChristmas Cosette
405★★★★★Christmas Marie iconChristmas Marie
406★★★★★Aspasia iconAspasia
407★★★★Enoch iconEnoch
408★★★★Sandalphon iconSandalphon
409★★★★Casper iconCasper
410★★★★Mastema iconMastema
413★★★★★New Year Sanzang iconNew Year Sanzang
414★★★★★Pompadour iconPompadour
415★★★★★Einstein iconEinstein
416★★★★★Artemisia iconArtemisia
419★★★★★Scheherazade iconScheherazade
420★★★★Fekulen iconFekulen
421★★★★Hume iconHume
422★★★★★Hanbok Sebastian iconHanbok Sebastian
423★★★★★Hanbok Nietzsche iconHanbok Nietzsche
424★★★★★Hanbok Hadesia iconHanbok Hadesia
425★★★★★Hanbok Selene iconHanbok Selene
426★★★★★Valentine Medicia iconValentine Medicia
427★★★★★Valentine Himiko iconValentine Himiko
428★★★★★Valentine Christie iconValentine Christie
429★★★★Ibsen iconIbsen
430★★★★Ye Xian iconYe Xian
431★★★★★Locke iconLocke
432★★★★★Cullwick iconCullwick
433★★★★★Mendeleev iconMendeleev
434★★★★Pyungkang iconPyungkang
435★★★★Ondal iconOndal
436★★★★Ankara iconAnkara
437★★★★Cinii iconCinii
438★★★★★Coona iconCoona
439★★★★★Folie iconFolie
440★★★★★Herostratus iconHerostratus
441★★★★★School Turing iconSchool Turing
442★★★★★Clover Voltaire iconClover Voltaire
443★★★★★Easter Hildegard iconEaster Hildegard
444★★★★Marceline iconMarceline
445★★★★Hegel iconHegel
446★★★★Aswang iconAswang
447★★★★★Morisot iconMorisot
448★★★★★Darwin iconDarwin
449★★★★★April Fool's Fenrir iconApril Fool's Fenrir
450★★★★★Mucha icon Mucha 20,963 19,486 47% Reduce 40% of damage from enemy for 5 turns.
451★★★★★Wilbur icon Wilbur 15,154 25,463 32% Recovers 260% of Sidian's HP with more turns in battle.
452★★★★★Orvilline icon Orvilline 26,665 13,765 35% Sidian gains 320% additional ATK with more turns in battle.
453★★★★★School Maxwell icon School Maxwell 27,357 13,243 40% Sidian gains 300% additional ATK depending on the number of friends you have.
454★★★★★School Newton icon School Newton 27,576 13,023 41% Sidian gains 340% additional ATK.
455★★★★★School Felipe icon School Felipe 15,205 25,463 32% Recovers 340% of the Sidian's HP.
456★★★★★Clairvaux icon Clairvaux 14,534 26,123 39% Recover 270% of the Sidian's HP and additional recovery based on the number of Sidians you own.
457★★★★Leibniz icon Leibniz 12,802 17,658 34% Recover 270% of the Sidian's HP.
458★★★★Ockham icon Ockham 18,787 11,523 36% Sidian gains 300% additional ATK
459★★★★Vasilisa icon Vasilisa 17,244 13,126 38% Sidian gains 290% additional ATK.
460★★★★Scarlett icon Scarlett 17,685 12,715 36% Sidian gains 310% additional ATK.
461★★★★★Ramanujan icon Ramanujan 23,524 17,254 48% Reduce 50% of the damage from the enemy for 4 turns.
462★★★★★Utnapishtim icon Utnapishtim 15,214 25,342 37% Recover 330% of the Sidian's HP.
463★★★★★Festival Eos icon Festival Eos 14,542 26,253 32% Recover 310% of the Sidian's HP.
464★★★★Perrault icon Perrault 17,179 16,548 41% Sidian gains 370% additional ATK.
465★★★★Jekyll icon Jekyll 16,548 13,845 43% Sidian gains 255% additional ATK.
466★★★★★Hyde icon Hyde 27,958 12,452 35% Sidian gains 270% additional ATK.
467★★★★★Festival Morgan iconFestival Morgan 27,572 13,232 38% Sidian gains 345% additional ATK.
468★★★★★Festival Himiko icon Festival Himiko 15,384 25,126 32% Recover 340% of Sidian’s HP.
469★★★★★Festival Christie icon Festival Christie 21,975 18,524 32% Reduce 40% of damage from enemy for 5 turns.
470★★★★★Festival Miesiac icon Festival Miesiac 26,845 13,595 36% Sidian gains 360% additional ATK.
471★★★★★NANA - - - -
472★★★★★Mae Nak icon Mae Nak 24,400 15,950 32% Sidian gains 420% additional ATK against holy type enemies.
473★★★★Roentgen icon Roentgen 16,877 13,389 42% Sidian gains 285% additional ATK.
474★★★★Meucci icon Meucci 13,182 17,082 32% Recover 280% of the Sidian's HP and additional recovery based on the number of Sidians you own.
475★★★★★Hobbes icon Hobbes 27,153 13,668 31% Sidian gains 375% additional ATK.
476★★★★★NANA - - - -
477★★★★★NANA - - - -
478★★★★★Ziz icon Ziz 14,266 26,594 30% Recover 285% of Sidian's HP additionally with more turns in the battle.
479★★★★★School Trip Darius icon School Trip Darius 27,825 12,985 31% Sidian gains 415% additional ATK.
480★★★★★School Trip Cixi Taihou icon School Trip Cixi Taihou 14,695 26,142 38% Recover 240% of Sidian’s HP.
481★★★★★School Trip Constantine icon School Trip Constantine 21,548 19,258 48% Reduce 45% of damage from enemy for 5 turns.
482★★★★★Jacob iconJacob 18,270 21,845 39% Reduces Dark type enemy's ATK by 30% for 7 turns.
483★★★★★Wilhelm iconWilhelm 16,194 24,483 34% Recovers 305% of Sidian's HP.
484★★★★★Tlaloc iconTlaloc 25,090 15,747 38% Occasional additional 390% of ATK of the Sidian on the first turn.
485★★★★★NANA - - - -
486★★★★★Schubert iconSchubert 26,428 14,357 33% Recovers XXX% of the Sidian's HP.
487★★★★★Cowherd iconCowherd 27,646 12,954 34% Sidian gains 385% additional ATK.
488★★★★★Bolina iconBolina 13,121 27,689 32% The fewer your current Sidian's HP has, the more damage it'll do.
489★★★★★Hammurabi iconHammurabi 26,854 13,956 32% Sidian gains 330% ATK additionally with more turns in the battle.
490★★★★★Bakunawa iconBakunawa 14,008 26,666 32% Recover 340% of the Sidian's HP.
491★★★★Queen Inhyeon iconQueen Inhyeon 13,565 17,035 32% Recovers 225% of Sidian's HP.
492★★★★Okjeong iconOkjeong 12,567 18,036 41% Sidian gains 280% additional ATK.
493★★★★★NANA - - - -
494★★★★★NANA - - - -
495★★★★Emily iconEmily 12,887 17,635 34% Recover 220% of Sidian's HP.
496★★★★★NANA - - - -
497★★★★★Summer Marie iconSummer Marie 23,903 16,627 30% Reduce 45% of damage from enemy for 6 turns.
498★★★★★NANA - - - -
499★★★★★NANA - - - -
500★★★★★NANA - - - -
501★★★★★Summer Morgan iconSummer Morgan 26,654 13,857 35% Sidian gains 300% additional ATK depending on how many Sidians you own.
502★★★★★Summer Voltaire iconSummer Voltaire 26,082 14,214 31% Sidian gains 310% additional ATK depending on the number of friends you have.
503★★★★★Summer Mucha iconSummer Mucha 15,276 25,127 29% Recover 230% of the Sidian's HP and additional recovery based on the number of Sidians you own.
504★★★★Summer Ares iconSummer Ares 20,044 10,268 33% Sidian gains 295% additional ATK.
505★★★★★NANA - - -