Description Edit

Located at bottom-left of the Map, The Altar is the place where you can try your luck and summon strong Sidians, Jokers or Fusion Lessers.

  • Altar at 0%.
  • Altar at 100%.
  • Altar at 200%.
  • Altar at 300% with a Summon Stone.
  • Summon Bar.

Charging the altar Edit

In order to work, first you must fill the altar meter. The altar has three level meters, each one worth 100%, giving a total of 300% when the three levels are filled.  To fill the altar meter, you must return/sacrifice some Sidians who will give a boost to it. The rarer the Sidian you offer, the higher boost it will give. A reference to the value of the Sidian could be:

In addition, offering a non-maxed Sidian still give a part of the total bonus, equal to how much Fusion levels or the Sidian is leveled up.

When a level meter is filled(reach 100%) the aspect of the Altar will change, giving a chance to summon a Sidian. If you choose not to summon, you can keep sacrificing Sidians to upgrade to the next two meters(200% and 300%).

Rarity Value

(Lv. 1)(1card)


















(Max Lv.)

Rare+12%24.6%37.2%49.8%62.4%75% 173.8%
S. Rare20%

See the colored Table [1].

Current system Edit

Altar system was changed after update, meaning that now every Summon stone has their own energy consumption.

  • Attribute summon stones need 100% altar charge.
  • R+ Sidian summon stones need 200% altar charge.
  • SR Sidian summon stones need 300% altar charge.

If you have more altar charge than stone's consumption, that remains in your altar. The gauge bar is no longer used (Previously Good, Great, Perfect). Furthermore, attribute stone's probability is now fixed, with the probability of:

You can check every summon stone consumption in-game in the Atelier, clicking on the summon stone's thumbnail.

  • Reminder, cards that have been unveiled at events or featured as seasonal boss, like School Selene or Summer Lupin, for example, will be available for summon at least six months AFTER the event or season ended.

Old system (for reference)Edit

Before the update from July 30, 2015, the difference between the altar meters was the zones of Great! and Perfect! will be wider, making it easy to stop in those. To perform a summon, you required a Summon Stone; these stones can be crafted at The Atelier. After choosing it, you had to touch the Summon button to make the Summoning bar appear. To perform the summon, you had to touch the glowing "STOP" circle to stop the line in the best zone. The Summoning bar had three zones, being:

  • Green: Good! Rate Zone

(Any S.Rare rate: 1% |Any Rare+ rate: 50%(Jokers and Blin too)|Rare+ Servants rate: 49%)*

  • Blue: Great! Rate Zone

(Any S.Rare rate: 3% |Any Rare+ rate: 49%(Jokers and Blin too)|Rare+ Servants rate: 48%)*

  • Purple: Perfect! Rate Zone

(Any S.Rare rate: 5% |Any Rare+ rate: 48%(Jokers and Blin too)|Rare+ Servant rate: 47%)*

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