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Description Edit

The battle system used in the game is pretty simple and straightforward. You have advantage over certain elements, so it's better to build teams taking this into account.

Special multipliers Edit

Rare+ and S.Rare Sidians can gain an attack multiplier of 4x and 5x, respectively.

This bonus last two weeks (14 days), and starts when the card is on sale at the daily summons. It doesn't matter if you already had the card and don't buy it, the servant will get the bonus anyway.

The multiplier acts before calculating the elemental advantage.

Team Edit

You can choose two ways to battle, with a small Team or a Company.

The first method is the most common and used. Here you have three teams you can arrange, each one with three Sidians. You can arrange them in the order you want and also you can have teams organized how you want.

When creating your teams, first you need to consider their combined AK and HP, and then you also need to take into account skill, element, and AK multiplier.

With the second method you can arrange a company that contains up to 9 sidians, which will have obviously higher AK and HP that a normal team, but will also cost you more MP. Having 1-3 servants will cost you the same as a normal team, 4-6 will cost you double and 7-9 will cost you triple.

This method is only useful when fighting story bosses, since you have to beat them in one go and that can be difficult to do at lower levels.

Companies can be classified by a grade letter, which will be given based on the total AK if this is the higher, or an average between HP and AK if HP is higher (Unconfirmed, I just tried about 20 tests but may change later, not that it's really important though)

Team Range
Team F Grade F 0 9999
Team F+ Grade F+ 10000 19999
Team E- Grade E- 20000 29999
Team E Grade E 30000 39999
Team E+ Grade E+ 40000 49999
Team D- Grade D- 50000 59999
Team D Grade D 60000 69999
Team D+ Grade D+ 70000 79999
Team C- Grade C- 80000 89999
Team C Grade C 90000 99999
Team C+ Grade C+ 100000 109999
Team B- Grade B- 110000 119999
Team B Grade B 120000 129999
Team B+ Grade B+ 130000 139999
Team A- Grade A- 140000 149999
Team A Grade A 150000 159999
Team A+ Grade A+ 160000 169999
Team S- Grade S- 170000 179999
Team S Grade S 180000 189999
Team S+ Grade S+ 190000 199999
Team SS- Grade SS- 200000 209999
Team SS Grade SS 210000 219999
Team SS+ Grade SS+ 220000 and over

Rewards Edit

After battle, if you beat the Sidian you're fighting with, you will get one card and sometimes a special drop item, like Shining Powder or Runestones.

When fighting Normal and Uncommon irregulars, you will get the Sidian you beat as a reward.

When fighting Rare irregulars, there's a low probability of getting the Sidian you beat, and if you don't, you'll get a random Normal or Uncommon card (and in rare cases, a random Rare card).

When fighting Exceptionals, whatever the rarity, you have a low probability of getting the Sidian you beat, and are probably going to get a random Normal, Uncommon or Rare card.

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