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For the official customer support, you can find the Sid Story's official facebook pages in your preferred language (English, French, Korean, Japanese, German,Spanish, Thai) or send email through the game interface (Settings > Inquiry) or send them an email at

You could download the game in Google Play or Apple Store and also contact them there.  


  • No more Referral Codes (Ended January 2016). Now they have new ways to these special Sidians (e.g. Sidian Change, The Altar, Forest, login...).
  • If stuck on "Loading" screen (like more than 1 min, the green loading bar doesn't appear), it could be issue with server. Try asking here or on Facebook or ask Sid Story customer
  • If the game crashes, you could try to reinstall. And ask Sid Story if you have issues, they would try to help fix it.