Here are some of the many Events that are happening in Sid Story.


Season Events are the Exceptionals Season held every two weeks. There are always 2 Sidians you can meet and sometimes a 3rd one.(hidden drop or low chance) 1 Exceptional can be met in your FEED by sending Sidians for Exploration at the Gate. 1 Exceptional can be met by taking classes at the School.

Special LessonsEdit

The Special Lessons are limited classes that appear in the School menu. In these lessons, the teacher can be a limited time Sidian that you can acquire if you complete the 3 Lesson Grades.

Mileage EventsEdit

Mileage Events usually have the same structure, where you get a reward based on points you get after every battle, according to a point milestone.

Gardening PeriodsEdit

During this period, you can meet representatives in the “Forest of Confessions Gardening Committee”. Duration of the Gardening period will only last for two day(s). Sidians that appear in the Gardening Period will reappear again in the future of the next Garden Period.

Student Body ElectionEdit

Special SummonsEdit

Mission BoardEdit

Located on the Home screen's bottom left corner of the map. In the Mission Board, you are given a set of 8 tasks for each board. Completing each task will give specified rewards, as stated on the task. Completing all 8 tasks will give you board rewards. Once you finished the board mission, the next board mission will be given.

Forest EventsEdit

Limited Sidian that will appear in the Forest of Confession if a certain event is active, you can get them for a limited amount of time.