What is Sid Story?Edit

Sid Story is a mobile Card Collection Game (CCG), based on anime school setting. It is available on iOS and Android presented by Singta and Kiyat Games.

What is the Content Rating?Edit

The game is rated for 12+ and contains sexual innuendo.

Is the game F2P (Free To Play) friendly?Edit

Yes, free players have the potential to compete in high level gameplay. To make up for the lack of money, they only require patience and knowledge.

What are the advantages to spending money?Edit

When spent wisely, it can allow you to catch up to higher level players at a faster pace, but may not always guarantee success. Also, some exclusive cards are occasionally introduced that are available only for short times from summons.

What are the keys to success, if money isn't one of them?Edit

  1. Time - having the best cards in the game means nothing if you don't play.
  2. Knowledge - self explanatory, but there are many important things the game doesn't tell you.
  3. Community interaction - having reliable friends and being part of a good circle (guild) is the biggest factor.

At what times are they reseted?Edit

Every Hour:

Daily - 24:00 (UTC):


Monthly or more (Depends on announcement)

Where can I find the menu for Referral Code?Edit

As the update of v1.9.0. implemented on 21st January 2016, the entire referral system and coupon system will be removed from the game due to Apple's operation policy. For more information, please read the announcement.

Help! My game is having several issues, what can I do?Edit

If you encounter any problem within the game and is having difficult time resolving the issue, please send an email to or

I forgot my account, what can I do to retrieve it?Edit

Please send them an email to immediately with your account information:

  • UID Number
  • Nickname/Username
  • Email you registered with
  • Circle you joined
  • Desk Description
  • Friends
  • Last Login
  • Just give them as much information as you possible can, the more you give, the better. This way, they can know if you are the owner of the account.

Bugs Edit

  • When encounter any type of bug or problem, please send an email to immediately.


What does N/UC/R/R+/SR mean?Edit

These are the various rarities of cards.

  1. N = Normal (★)
  2. UC = Uncommon (★★)
  3. R = Rare (★★★)
  4. R+ = Rare+ (★★★★)
  5. SR = S.Rare (★★★★★)

How do I decide which cards to use?Edit

A card's usefulness is based on skills, elemental advantage and their trigger rate (%).

What cards should I use?Edit

Teams will usually consist of SR or R+ cards with good skills. Beginners may need to use R cards until they find stronger cards.

Why do the stats on the wiki not match the stats of my card?Edit

The wiki is a little outdated, if you could, please feel free to edit and update the page to the latest stats of the card.

How do I fuse card to make them stronger?Edit

Sid Story does not have a complicated leveling/fusing/evolving system. All you need to do is just fuse a card of the same copy.

To reach their maximum level, all you need to do is fully max their fusion level:

Rarity Fusion Level Max Level
Normal (★) 6 40
Uncommon (★★) 8 50
Rare (★★★) 8 70
Rare+ (★★★★) 8 90
S.Rare (★★★★★) 4 100

For more information, please go here & here.

Is there any way to max fuse my card without using identical cards?Edit

Yes, there is. There are what we call Universal and Elemental Cards. Universal cards are cards that can be fuse to specific card:

There are also what we call the Elemental Joker Cards, these card are fusion able to specific element card. These elemental jokers are only limited to Rare+ (★★★★) Cards:

I raised my card to their max level/fusion. Can I still increase the stats further?Edit


How do I get SR cards?Edit

Gate, Dorm, Summons, Forest, Mileage Events and several other events.

How do I get R+ cards?Edit

Gate, Dorm, Altar, Summons, Forest, Seasons and several other events.

Are there quick ways to level up my cards?Edit

Yes. You can purchase:

  • 2X sidian EXP at the Shop, which double the EXP when you bring your sidian into battle.
  • Exploration Slots, so you can send 3 sidian at the Gate instead of one. (You only need to buy 2, the other one has already given to you by default at the start of the game.)
  • You can also get EXP Joker from Daily Special Lessons, Sidian Change at Dorm and during Mileage Events.

I have too many cards. What do I do?Edit

  • Unwanted N/UC/R cards can be sold for gold at the Dorm or charge at the Altar.
  • Unwanted UC/R cards can also change into other useful cards at Sidian Change.
  • If you want to keep your cards, there is an Sidian Slot +5 purchasable from the shop to raise the limit of your held cards. (Current max limit for Sidian Slot is 1000.)

I'm looking for a specific card. Is there an easy way to find it?Edit

Try using the category or navigation bar to help navigate the site much more easier. Or you can visit the Album and Album/List for the entire list of sidian that is currently available up to date.

Can cards be traded?Edit


Which card is the best?Edit

As new cards are added, the "best" card constantly changes. Often, different cards are better in different situations.

Which card has the best art?Edit

Up to you.


Should I care about Summons?Edit

Yes, you should keep a close eye on where which sidian is available for summon.

  • Daily Summon - Daily Summon is a fixed summon for a fixed price. Sidian appear on Daily Summon can be summoned 100%. You can summon a R+ for 500 crystals and SR for 800 crystals.
  • Weekly Summon - Test your luck! This gives you a random chance of obtaining a random sidian that is scheduled to appear that week. If you are lucky, you might just get the Special Weekly Sidian that can only be obtained with 5% chance. Weekly summon cost is always 300 crystals, but you are given a chance to try it for free every 24 hours.
  • Event Summon - What out for event summon! Event summon only appear for a short duration of the event. These sidians are rare and may only appear once a year or never to return. Cost for event summons may vary after each event.


There are multiple classes. Which one should I clear first?Edit

New players may want to clear the Production classes first.




How often can I get free crystals?Edit

There are several opportunities for free crystals, including:

  • Login everyday.
  • Do classes at School.
  • Watching ADs in your Feed.
  • Contributing in your Circle. Check crystals rewards, here.
  • Take part in any event! If you are ranked in top 10 in Mileage Events, you can get up to 100 - 4000 crystals. There are also other events that include crystals as rewards. So, be sure to be on a look out and keep up with announcements! (This requires heavy spending to reach Top 10, not recommended for free players.)

What should I spend my Crystals on?Edit

  • The only vital thing you can spend on Crystals are Summons. Summons are essential in Sid Story as they are the most used in battles. Depends on your choice and interest, it all really comes down to you whether you like the Art Style or the Skills and Stats of that card. I would recommend getting the S.Rares one, as they are hard to get. Some S.Rare are limited and it is unknown whether they will appear again.
  • Expand your Exploration Slots, available to get at the Shop. Yes, it is quite pricy but it is considered cheap for it's worth. After purchasing Exploration Slots, you can send up to 3 sidians instead of 1. You only need to buy 2 Exploration Slot, because you will already have 1 in the beginning of the game. Thus, by buying 2 Exploration slots, you can level up your sidians faster/easier. The purchase you made on Exploration Slots remain forever and will not disappear.
  • Sidian Slots allows you to add more slots for your cards, there are currently about 400+ cards/sidian available to collect. Since Sid Story is a Collecting Card Game, you can collect about 90% of the cards included in the game, depending on events and such. New cards are release every weeks. Max slot for cards is currently 1000.


Mileage EventsEdit

What are Mileage Event (ME)?Edit

Mileage event is where you get a reward based on points you get after every battle, according to a point milestone. It doesn't interfere with circle points, so don't worry, you can collect both at the same time.

Where do I start?Edit

You'll automatically participate the event after the date of the event starts. All you need to do is just battle enemies until you gather enough points to make into the ranking or just get free reward. Here are the key factors to success:

Why rank?Edit

Exclusive cards are rewarded to players who compete on the leaderboard. These cards cannot be obtained in any other way. Three copies of a SR card are rewarded to the players in the top 200, while only one copy is rewarded to those in the 600 - 1000 range. If you manage to get into top 10, there will be Special Ranking Rewards given to the players. (Again, as stated, not recomended for free players.)

I ranked in the top xxx. Where's my ranking reward?Edit

Final ranking rewards are given after the event is over. You will be rewarded depending on your final placement in ranking by the very end of the event.