Located at the bottom of the Map, here you can try to raise the affection level of a Sidian through a mini-game, and when you win you can get the Sidian card.

  • Forest minigame screen, you need Magic Paper to play it.
  • Magic Paper icon.
  • How the minigame bar looks, try hitting the green bar.
  • When you get the Sidian.
  • After reseting the game, you have to wait 1 hour or pay 30 crystal to change the Sidians

How To PlayEdit

To play, you need to have one Magic Paper Magic Paper icon.

After clicking it, you'll see a bar appear at the bottom of the screen, and a moving cursor alongside it.

The aim of the game is simple, you need to tap the Magic Paper icon when the cursor is over the Green part of the bar, and you'll start a combo. The higher the combo, the higher and faster the affection will grow, but the green part will shrink, making it more difficult each time.

When you're near the max affection level, the mood smiley will turn pink/red, and this means you're close to getting the Sidian to join you.

As for version 2.2.0, a new feature, Cupid's Arrow had been implemented. Cupid Arrow will only appear when the affection is at max(pink). The countdown starts from 100(the value 100 won't be shown, after first hit, it will reduce to 99) to 0. Once it reached 0, you will surely(100%) get the Sidian.

Using Gold Bomb W. Bomb and Crystal Bomb Bomb will make the current Sidian in the lineup to be removed. W. Bomb can be obtained at the price of 20,000 Gold icon Golds while Bomb can be obtained at the price of 400 Crystal icon Crystals. W. Bomb has a 10% chance for success and Bomb have 100% chance.

Obtainable SidiansEdit

Below are the list of currently obtainable Sidian in the forest.

Machiavelli icon Machiavelli Jefferson icon Jefferson Akbar icon Akbar
Da Vinci icon Da Vinci Lincoln icon Lincoln Erasmus icon Erasmus
Shakespeare icon Shakespeare Washington icon Washington Bloody icon Bloody
Soseono icon Soseono Von Braun icon Von Braun Magalhaes icon Magalhaes
Himiko icon Himiko Jeanne icon Jeanne Misil icon Misil
Aaron icon Aaron Achilles icon Achilles Tesla icon Tesla
Nightingale icon Nightingale Faust icon Faust Houdini icon Houdini
Apollena icon Apollena Ignis icon Ignis Hippocrates icon Hippocrates
Poirot icon Poirot Charlotte icon Charlotte Kant icon Kant
Augustus icon Augustus Diana icon Diana Lupin icon Lupin
Sun Tzu icon Sun Tzu Flora icon Flora Watson icon Watson
Luis XIV icon Luis XIV Dalji icon Dalji Chang Bogo icon Chang Bogo
Charles I icon Charles I Hildegard icon Hildegard Hadesia icon Hadesia
King Arthur icon King Arthur Schliemann icon Schliemann Loki icon Loki
Isadora icon Isadora Stalin icon Stalin Herschel icon Herschel
Basileios icon Basileios Liu Bang icon Liu Bang Xiao Qiao icon Xiao Qiao
Nero icon Nero Da Qiao icon Da Qiao Christie icon Christie
Quetzalcoatl icon Quetzalcoatl Pocahotas icon Pocahontas Captain Morgan icon Captain Morgan
School Nicolini icon School Nicolini School Valkyrie icon School Valkyrie Weaver Girl icon Weaver Girl
School Fenrir icon School Fenrir Blue Beard icon Blue Beard School Selene icon School Selene
Perceus icon Perceus School Chu-ke Liang icon School Chu-ke Liang Freud icon Freud
Edgar icon Edgar Alexandra icon Alexandra

Herostratus icon Herostratus Khara icon Khara Catherine icon Catherine
Sorachi icon Sorachi Lua icon Lua Chaemi icon Chaemi
Anansi icon Anansi Tell icon Tell Paine icon Paine
Spa Catherine icon Spa Catherine Veronica icon Veronica Sekhmet icon Sekhmet
Cromwell icon Cromwell Moriarty icon Moriarty Charlemagne icon Charlemagne
Mephisto icon Mephisto Medicia icon Medicia Aida icon Aida
Odina icon Odina Michelangelo icon Michelangelo Darius icon Darius
Felipe icon Felipe Elizabeth icon Elizabeth Turing icon Turing
Genghis Khan icon Genghis Khan Diaochan icon Diaochan Madison icon Madison
Cixi Taihou icon Cixi Taihou Aristotle icon Aristotle Hamilton icon Hamilton
Yang Guifei icon Yang Guifei Bismarck icon Bismarck Morgan icon Morgan
Halley icon Halley Grace icon Grace Cooke icon Cooke
Ms Smily icon Ms Smily Newton icon Newton Queen Cheonchoo icon Queen Cheonchoo
Armstrong icon Armstrong Rete icon Rete Irene icon Irene
Chris icon Chris Voltaire icon Voltaire Francesca icon Francesca
De Moley icon De Moley Sun Shangxiang icon Sun Shangxiang Pierre icon Pierre
Ayanes icon Ayanes Oyuki icon Oyuki Pyotr icon Pyotr

Gardening Period Edit

During this period, you can meet representatives in the “Forest of Confessions Gardening Committee”. Duration of the Gardening period will only last for two day(s). Sidians that appear in the Gardening Period will reappear again in the future of the next Garden Period.

School Moriarty icon School Moriarty Mokosh icon Mokoshi Rusalka icon Rusalka
Artemisia icon Artemisia Cullwick icon Cullwick Mucha icon Mucha
Schubert icon Schubert Bolina icon Bolina Beethoven icon Beethoven
Aisopos icon Aisopos Robin icon Robin Cupid icon Cupid
Psyche icon Psyche Hanbok Beast icon Hanbok Beast Hanbok Belle icon Hanbok Belle
Summer Dorian icon Summer Dorian Wedding Beethoven icon Wedding Beethoven Wedding Schubert icon Wedding Schubert
Picnic Laennec icon Picnic Laennec March Hare icon March Hare

List of Gardening Period Edit

Special Forest Events Edit

Limited Sidian that will appear in the Forest of Confession if a certain event is active, you can get them for a limited amount of time.

Note: Sidian that appears in the Event are mostly from previous events and will not likely return. Excluding Halloween Lupin.

List of Special Forest Event Edit


  • You can refresh the list every hour or spend 30 crystals without waiting.
  • Sidians' Affection will raise only through the minigame.
  • The probability of the Sidian joining your team depends only on the affection.
  • To get a Sidian of the list that appears on the top, you need to acquire the previous Sidians first.
  • If you empty the line up by getting the sidians or bomb them, a new line up will be presented automatically without using the refresh button.
  • One piece of Magic Paper activates the minigame, and no matter how high the combo it spends only one Magic Paper, so don't worry.
  • Starting from Gardening Period #12, only a few selected sidian in Forest Gardening Committee will appear. Check the news to confirm which Forest Gardening representative appears during the Gardening Period.
  • Cupid Arrow countdown will not be carried over when the current sidian in the lineup changes.

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