The Special Lessons are limited classes that appear in the School menu. In this lessons, the teacher can be a limited time Sidian, or the current Hidden Exceptional Boss.

The Lesson comprehends three Grades, each one involving themes about the current teacher, also you will see the forms/styles of the teacher in each grade. Each one has their own explore progress, AP consumption and clear reward, being:

X AP consumption /
Explore %
Clear Reward
Grade 1 10 AP / 20% Summon Ticket iconTicket
Grade 2 15 AP / 10% EXP Joker L iconEXP Joker (L)
Grade 3 20 AP / 5% Copy of the teacher as Sidian
There's a chance of do a special cast, who will give you a little boost of MP. The boost will be equal to the AP consumed, and multiples of that, up to three times(Ex.: If you're in Grade 1, and cast the Great! rate, the boost can be from 10MP, 20MP or 30MP). Consider that if the MP boost exceed the max. allowed of your MP bar, the boost given will not stack.


While exploring, you will find Irregulars too, this being with higher HP and level but with low MP cost than the usual you find in other lessons. Other than that, the system of battle is the same. This is a list of common Irregulars you can find:

Grade 1 HP Level / MP needed
Golden Fox iconGolden Fox 27,063 Lv.4 / 3MP
Black Carbuncle iconBlack Carbuncle 112,395 Lv. 12 / 5MP
Black Mummy iconBlack Mummy 198,198 Lv. 21 / 7MP
Great Fallen Angel iconGreat Fallen Angel 173,430 Lv. 17 / 6MP
Blue Minotaur iconBlue Minotaur
Grade 2 HP Level / MP needed
Purple Mermaid iconPurple Mermaid 274,983 Lv. 27 / 8MP
Red Gremlin iconRed Gremlin 300,129 Lv. 31 / 9MP
Red Minotaur iconRed Minotaur 341,340 Lv. 33 / 10MP
Kunoichi iconKunoichi 394,854 Lv. 38 / 11MP
Grade 3 HP Level / MP needed

Teacher as ExceptionalEdit

While you explore the grades, you have a chance to encounter the teacher as Exceptional. The system battle here is the same as the Season Exceptional Bosses. The enemy will start at lv. 1 with low HP, MP use and with a "No limit" in the time which will turn into "30mins" countdown at first fight. Every time you defeat it and encounter it again, the level will increase +1 and it's stats too. Exceptional can reach Lv.200 as maximum, with more than 5mill HP, and costing 20MP for the battle. In case you lose, the feed won't disappear like common enemies, and will be showed to every friend you have, allowing them to join to the fight and defeat it.

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