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Basics Edit

Sidians are the base unit of the game. You can see historic persons, mythological gods, demons and different legends among them. 

The Sidian card will display the next characteristics:

  • Element: Located upper-left of the card, this circle tells you which element belongs to the card.
  • Card Image: An image for the Sidian itself. From Rare to S. Rare, the design will be changed 2 times more when reaching Middle fusion level, and Max. Fusion Level.
  • Rarity: Displayed with stars, it tells you the range of the card. 
  • Frame: Refer the rarity of the card. Appear in bronze for Rare and lower, silver for Rare+ and gold for S. Rare.
  • Sidian's name.

Elements Edit

Each sidian has a specific elements assigned. It's shown on the card as a small orb in the top left-hand corner of the card. In Sid Story there are six elements available:

  • Normal Normal
  • Fire Flame
  • Ice Frozen
  • Thunder Thunder
  • Dark Darkness
  • Light Holy

Certain elements have different advantages over another element. For more information about Elements Advantages, click here.

Rarity Edit

To know the range of a card, the rarity manages this five styles:

Normal Star icon
Uncommon Star iconStar icon
Rare Star iconStar iconStar icon
Rare+ Star iconStar iconStar iconStar icon
S.Rare Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon

Level Edit

The level of the card shows how much experience it has gained. This can be upgraded by sending a Sidian to Exploration to The Gate , Fusing EXP Jokers or copies of the same card, and doing battles. Sidians can't keep leveling up while reaching the Level that Fusion Level permits.

Based on the rarity of the card. the range of levels are the next ones:

Min LV Mid LV Max LV
Normal 1 20 40
Uncommon 1 20 50
Rare 1 30 70
Rare+ 1 40 90
S.Rare 1 40 100

Fusion Levels Edit

The Fusion level of a card are the "stages" of a card while leveling from minimum level to maximum level. According the fusion level are unlocked, the current max. stats of the cards will increase.

Reaching the max. fusion level, the Final stats of AP and HP will be unlocked.

Every Sidian start with one Fusion level, and this can be upgraded by fusing the Sidian with Color/Elemental Jokers , Fusion Lessers or copies of the same Sidian.

These are the "stages", according to the Rarity of the card:

Start Max fusion
Normal 1/6 6/6
Uncommon 1/8 8/8
Rare 1/8 8/8
Rare+ 1/8 8/8
S.Rare 1/4 4/4
  • If the card has reached the max. Fusion level, fusing with more copies of the Sidian or Color/Elemental Jokers doesn't affect it, they just count as EXP.

Stats Edit

Sidians uses AP (Attack Points) and HP (Health Points). These are the stats managed for battles. Every Sidian have it's own basic AP and HP stats as well as Max./Final AP and HP, who can be raised leveling up the Sidian.

Skill Edit

Sidians are able to utilize one of three types of skills: Attack Multiplier, Damage Reduction, and HP Recovery. Each one has an advantage for the benefit of your team. For more info, click here.

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