Skill Element Rarity
Attack | Recover | Reduce Normal Fire Ice Thunder Light Dark Normal | Uncommon | Rare | Rare+ | S.Rare

In Sid Story, there are three basic types of skill 


  • Attack: Causes a bonus damage to the enemy when activated.
  • Recover: Heals a percentage of the team of Sidian's total HP.
  • Reduce: Curse the enemy by reducing the incoming damage with specified turns.

In addition, every skill has conditions who must be met to increase the activation chance of the skill.


The skill will have higher activation chance when the enemy has the disadvantage element.


These skills doesn't have any condition, so they may activate no matter the element of the enemy.


These skills have more specifics conditions in order for it to be activated, or works different. In these are included:

  • No. of Friends: According to the number of friends you have. The more friends, the high probability to activate.
  • First Turn: The skill will only activate at the beginning of the battle.
  • No. of Sidians: According of the number of Sidians you have contracted. The more Sidians in possess, the high probability to activate.
  • Less HP=More damage: As stated, the damage will increase if the HP is low when activated. The damage will be better if the enemy team is from the disadvantaged element, and weak if your team is the disadvantaged element.
  • More/Less Sidians=More attack: As stated, the damage when the skill is activated will increase depending how much Sidians you have in your team.
  • More Turn: By making the battle last longer, the skill have higher chances of activate.