Here's a guide to help you get Time-Space ShardsTime-Space Shard icon


  • Best way of course would be to sell all your S.Rare (★★★★★) for 5x TS Shards and Rare+ (★★★★) for 2x TS Shards per card. But, this is a card collecting game, so let's see some other options.
  • The best cards to keep are your S.Rare cards as they might come in handy every week for a AK 5XATK bonus.
  • It is good to note that your 2x HP Sidians are worth 10x TS Shards each! If you don't mind parting with them, you could always sell them when the bonus ends.

The AltarEdit

  • DON'T sell your ★, ★★ and ★★★ Sidians for Time-Space PowderTime-Space Powder icon as for the amount of Sidians needed you get only 1x TS Shard.
    • Unless you really need gold, you can always sell your ★, ★★ Sidians.
  • Instead, charge them at the Altar until you reach 300% and summon a S.Rare (★★★★★) card and THEN, sell that S.Rare for 5x TS Shards!
    • Here's why : a Rare+ (★★★★) card will cost you 50 Shining PowderShining Powder icon and will need 200% of Altar charge but will sell only for 2x TS Shards.
    • A S.Rare (★★★★★) card will cost you 70x Shining Powder = 7xShining Crystal icon, 300% of charge but will sell for 5x TS Shards!
    • Shining Crystal Make
    • It's easy to do the Math, if you do 2x Rare+ (★★★★) card, you will need 100x Shining Powder, 400% and you will get only 4x TS Shards! So making a S.Rare (★★★★★) card is a much better deal!

  • I recommend making Summer Valkyrie or Moriarty as they use Torn PageRipped Page icon and you can get a lot of those fighting Lesson Exceptionals.
    • Val or Mori
    • The best time to farm is of course during a Mileage Event (ME) as you get Torn Pages from Lesson Exceptionals and Shining Powders from Exploration Exceptionals. You also get Balloon Yoyo cards that you can use to charge up the Altar.
    • Extra copies of the Season Exceptional cards are a good thing to max and sacrifice to the Altar since they give really low TS Powder.
    • NOTE : Mind you, if you have a lot of Materials and Magical FlasksMagic Flask icon, you can create various Summon Stones that will only need 100% of charge and will usually get you a Rare+ (★★★★) card that you can sell for 2x TS Shards. So 3x Summon Stones will cost 300% and will get you 6x TS Shards! But they are pricey in Magical Flasks and you will need those to summon the Time-Space Sidians.

Summon StonesEmptiness Stone iconHard Frost Stone iconFlame Stone iconThunder Stone iconDestruction Stone iconHoliness Stone iconEdit

  • During Mileage Event (ME) you get many Summon Stones as a milestone reward. They use only 100% of Altar charge. They are usually Rare+ (★★★★) or Jokers but you can still sell them all for 2x TS Shards each. Combined again with Balloon Yoyo to charge the Altar and it's a quick way to make some easy Time-Space Shards! You can also use your ★ and ★★ cards to charge the Altar, make sure you fuse them with the extras as they give more energy.
    • Note : You should Max Fusion and Max Level your Balloon Yoyo cards before charging them at the Altar to gain more energy.

Fighting Irregulars and IntrudersEdit

  • Fighting Daily Special Lessons Intruders to get various Gonny, Max Fusion, Max Level them, exchange them for a Joker, sell that Joker and get 2x TS Shards!
  • Fighting Daily Bonus Type Irregulars from your Exploration to get a chance of a Rare (★★★) card, Max Fusion, Max Level them, Sidian Change them to get a Rare+ (★★★★) card to sell for 2x TS Shards.
    • Monday : Explore 1-7-3 The New Frontier - New York 8h and fight No Type Emma Goldman for a chance of a Rare (★★★) Emma Goldman and Max her, Sidian Change to a Rare+ (★★★★) card and sell.
    • Tuesday : 1-6-4 The Queen of The Network - Mars to fight Flame Type Granada.
    • Wednesday : 1-8-3 The Perfect TS Engine - Secret Forest to fight Frozen Type Cai Lun.
    • Thursday : Chapter 2-1-2 Beginning of a new adventure - Library 6h to fight Electric Type Thor.
    • Friday : 1-3-3 Winds from the East - Japan to fight Holy Type Sanzang.
    • Saturday : 1-6-4 The Queen of The Network - Mars to fight Darkness Type Blondie.

The Forest of ConfessionEdit

  • The Forest is another good place to get Shards but it costs Crystals. You can buy 18x Magic Paper for 500x Crystals so basically 1x Magic Paper is worth 28x Crystals. Do not buy Bombs for the Forest, they are very overpriced.
  • 1xCrystal Bomb = 400xCrystal icon = 14xMagic Paper icon. Just use Magic Paper to get Sidians, plus you get a card to sell for 2x TS Shards or 5x TS Shards.
  • If you have some Crystal Bomb,Gold Bomb already, you can use them on Sidians with a blue face. It is always a kind of gamble to try to get Sidians in the Forest to sell for Shards as you don't know how many Magic Papers it's going to cost you.
  • Always try to go for S.Rare(★★★★★) Sidians if they are in front with a red or pink face and sell them for 5x TS Shards.
  • Forest pink 5 stars